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How do NFT games work?

In general, an NFT game will use the unique collectible tokens as a prop for the game, these tokens could be characters, monsters, weapons, or any similar asset, and will use them to perform actions such as fighting, mining, competing, etc. in the game.

In most of the platforms, these tokens will follow the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standards make them operable between different platforms without the need for any special implementation, nevertheless, some NFT games use custom or proprietary blockchains that will difficult this interoperability.

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Guides for you to become a NFT game expert

To be an NFT game expert you will need to handle different platforms and understand the different characteristics in a crypto game, as the inherit blockchain, the type of token, and ways to exchange these, these are some basics guides to start your journey in this path of cryptos!


On the 30 July of 2015 was released the Ehtereum, the first blockchain with the ability to run smart contracts, this allowed for the first time to run code decentralized, but this came with multiple challenges, challenges until today are not solved, we are in a race to solve the know as Blockchain Trilemma, trying to achieve scalability, security, and decentralization at the same time.

What blockchain is the best for the NFT games?

With the recent rise up in the gas fee in the Ethereum network, many other blockchains have emerged alongside some second-layer solutions, competing for speed and lower fees.

At this moment there is no clear winner but we do have a loser, and it is the Ethereum Network, although they are working on ETH2 until then the fees in Ethereum are too high, even more so in games, where you will want to make multiples transactions in your playthroughs.

Solana and Cardano are two promising technologies, they have been recently released, so recent that the current ecosystem of application and decentralized games is very small, just the time will tell us their potential.

Finally, a clear winner, at least in popularity, is the Binance Smart Chain, this is a fast and secure blockchain, born as a fork of ETH removing the PoW and implementing a PoS sounds like a solid solution for gaming, it is important to notice that BSC does not solve the Blockchain Trilemma, to achieve these goals Binance sacrifice decentralization, having in your network only 21 validators who take turns to validate the blocks, but for gaming sounds like a good trade-off.